Anson Charter Academy approved unanimously by Charter School Advisory Board!

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Anson Charter Academy will open in 2018 offering grades K-2. The Academy will then add a grade each year after.

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Classical Approach

Learn about our classical approach to education through Core Knowledge!

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Citizenship and Character

Learn about our approach to citizenship and character education!

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Learn about how we plan to include and contribute to our community!

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Our Promise to You:

Children may not be products of our environments as much as they are products of our expectations. Academic excellence, along with the development of the child's character and life skills, will be our blended and uncompromising objectives. We will teach children classically, in the natural ways they want to learn, but with rigor. Our educators will maintain a purposeful cognizance of our academic goals and will deliver the education with undisguised love of their vocations and our children.